Achieving Results On Purpose

Purposeful and actionable planning has helped hundreds of leaders clarify their business goals, values and desired results in a practical and efficient way. Congruence’s proprietary planning model, Achieving Results on Purpose, is a customized program for helping results-oriented organizations achieve and sustain meaningful growth.

Achieving Results on Purpose starts with an assessment of what your business is today and clarifying where you want it to go. By engaging team members to advance progress toward shared goals, leaders develop systems that promote accountability and achieve meaningful results.

Each organization’s journey in setting and achieving meaningful goals is unique. Congruence offers customized consultation services designed to fit your leadership style and needs. Here are Lesson summaries to learn more about some of Congruence’s most popular and impactful topics for achieving organizational success:


What is your organization’s purpose? What do you want to achieve? If we asked your team members about your most important goals, what would they say?

For most organizations, the first step to Achieving Results on Purpose is a comprehensive look at your firm’s mission, vision and core values. Research shows that leaders who clearly define their mission and purpose and regularly share results with their teams find them to be motivating forces for business success.

According to a FranklinCovey and Harris Poll less than 30% of professionals can articulate how their firm defines success – a red flag for leaders who are seeking purposeful, planned results. Ensuring connection between goals and aspirations among all firm members is a key indicator of your firm’s ability to deliver consistent and sustainable results.

100% of Congruence’s clients can articulate their firms’ goals and know how their efforts align to their firms’ priorities. We offer a proven approach to help your firm’s leaders and professionals achieve their goals in every phase of your business.


Case Study: Lessons Learned from Leaders Who Get Results
How can sharing your vision of success impact your bottom line? Architecture firm Arcturis saw a 16% increase in profitability after establishing a common set of values.

How is your firm doing at honoring its plans and commitments? What percent of your associates fully achieve their stated goals and thus help the firm grow?

The most effective organizations know that just making a plan isn’t enough. Accountability is key. Leaders who achieve their goals and whose teams continue to thrive year after year systematically review firm and individual goals to track the path to achievement.

Congruence works with leaders of growing professional service firms to help develop and implement simple, effective scorecards and other tools that make accountability part of their culture. Our approach ensures that each member of your team:

  • Understands and is committed to your firm’s goals.

  • Has a written action plan for the desired results linked to his or her role.

  • Can track the rate of success in moving a qualified client forward.


Case Study: Keeping Score: The Art & Science of Goal Achievement
How can you keep your team on track for great goal achievement? At L. Keeley Construction team members know that knowing the score is the first step on the path.



Do you have the right associates on your team? Do they know your strategic goals and what you expect from them? Are you retaining the best professionals longer than four years? Do you know their personal career aspirations?  How do you acknowledge team members’ successes?

For professional service firms, where the business model is driven by and for people, leadership differentiates you from the competition. It’s well-known that engaged professionals drive higher levels of client satisfaction and more profitable projects. Congruence helps clients build a Career Equity™ Culture, one where firms achieve outstanding business results by systematically aligning the firm’s strategic goals with the career aspirations of each professional.  When professionals achieve their career goals, clients receive superior service and the firm realizes its strategic goals – a triple win.

Through a culture of collaboration and communication, we take the guesswork out of professional growth and retention. Based on our comprehensive research on professional retention and advancement, we work with clients to implement best practices that are most predictive of professional engagement, success and satisfaction:

  1. Building Career Equity™

  2. Building a Pipeline of Leaders

  3. Congruent Selections


Is your leadership team fully trained and positioned to help your business achieve its desired results?  Are there areas for improvement to build skills and ability? An organization can only be as strong as its top management team.

Congruence is certified by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Leadership Assessment services that builds your organization’s capacity for success.  With a suite of research-based tools, your team will receive a comprehensive analysis from all instruments in the CCL Assessment Suite, including:


CCL’s 360-degree feedback systematically collects opinions about an individual’s performance from a wide range of coworkers, such as peers, direct reports, the boss, the boss’ peers and individuals outside the organization.


Congruence helps turn your executive team analysis into an actionable plan that celebrates strengths and maps out solutions for leadership improvement.

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